Investment solutions for rule-based asset management

Dufour Capital, a rule-based robo advisor offers investment solutions as an addition or alternative to your existing portfolio.
Modules: Addition to your existing portfolio

  • Modules of a specific "rule type"
  • Reduction of losses or increase in return potential
  • Transparent and liquid with ETF, index funds or stocks
Complete solutions: Alternative to your existing portfolio

  • Combination of different "rule types"
  • Robustness over different market phases
  • Transparent and liquid with ETF, index funds or stocks

Banks & asset managers
pensions funds & insurance companies

All our investment solutions are available in CHF, EUR and USD.
Transparent and liquid ETFs, index funds and stocks.

Currently, many private investors hold significant amounts of cash in their accounts. Traditional portfolio solutions do not offer enough protection in case of crisis or phases of increasing interest rates. For banks and asset manager, this is problematic (negative interest rates on cash).
Due to the low interest rate environment, institutional investors are forced to invest in ever more expensive and risky asset classes (like hedge funds).
Active, rule based investment solutions offer investors a attractive alternative to cash and thus, banks and asset managers opportunities to grow.
Rule-based investment solutions offer a cost-efficient, transparent and liquid alternative.

Pricing and fees

The fees assessed by Dufour Captial correspond to market standards and are based on project work and operating expenses.

Concept and implementation based on effort involved. To receive an offer, please attend either one of our workshops “Using rule-based asset management in my company” or contact one of our experts.

To the workshop
Advisory Fee
For daily management of investment solutions and the Advice Engine
For daily risk monitoring

Services you can expect from us

Rule-based investment solutions are time-consuming in their development. They require know-how from specialists as well as advanced IT resources.
Dufour Capital offers you direct access to rule-based investment solutions – for a short time-to-market.
Start off with speed and agility!
Choice of the most appropriate offering or developing a customer-specific solution
Creating a concept
Establishing responsibilities and processes for the new investment solution together with our clients
On-boarding of the portfolio manager and setting up the investment solutions in the Advice Engine
Daily portfolio operation, implementation of adjustments and ongoing monitoring