Good reasons for rule-based asset management

Many investors are guided by emotions in their investment decisions. Those who follow fixed rules achieve a higher return.
Avoid mistakes and keep cool
Intuitively understandable and comprehensible
Protect assets in crises
Generate potential for additional returns

Rule-based vs. Traditional and Quantitative

The rule-based investment is based on clear rules. Thus, emotions and uncertain forecasts are avoided. Unlike complex quant models, rules are defined before implementation and are no longer changed. They are intuitive and easy to understand for customers.

These differences versus other approaches increase the robustness and intelligibility of rule-based investments.

How does this work?

Mr. Smith is CEO of a private bank and has opted for rule-based asset management. See for yourself why and how he could implement the strategy together with Dufour Capital rapidly and without complications.

The Dufour Capital Method

We invest exclusively in transparent and liquid ETF, index funds or equities. Our investment regulations are based on scientific and evidence-based principles and are tested extensively during the development phase. Suitable rules are universally applicable and provide robust results over various market phases and investment classes. We combine different rules into a balanced "set of rules", which are used to implement the investment objectives, such as protection against major losses or potential yield. Through daily risk management, we ensure compliance with the risk and investment limits.

In the lead thanks to continuous research

Dufour Capital invests continuously and intensively in the research & development of rule-based asset management. Together with the "VZ VermögensZentrum" we have described the fundamentals and various application examples for private and institutional investors in two books - simple and comprehensible. The content allows a quick start into this exciting topic both for beginners and professional investors.
Rule-based investment with ETF

Use intelligent rules and invest money more successfully. Protect capital with suitable rules in crises and open up potential for additional returns in bull-market phases.

More about the book
Successfully investing with ETFs

How to build an optimal investment portfolio with a rule-based investment strategy and how to avoid many mistakes as an investor with rule-based decisions.

More about the book

With Dufour you obtain a rule-based solution in a targeted manner

We support you in your fast and uncomplicated start. In four steps, you gain access to rule-based investment solutions.
Choice of the most appropriate offering or developing a customer-specific solution.
Creating a concept
Establishing responsibilities and processes for the new investment solution together with our clients.
Set-up of the portfolio manager and the investment solution into the Advice Engine
Daily signal operation, implementation of adjustments in portfolios and ongoing monitoring

Personal advice desired?

We offer a wide range of investment solutions for banks, asset managers and institutional investors.
As a complement or alternative to your existing portfolio
We would be pleased to advise you personally about suitable offers.

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Rule-based asset management offers many opportunities. With Dufour Capital you can easily and quickly get started.