Workshop "Rule-Based-Asset Management"

For banks, asset managers, pension funds and insurance companies: A solid introduction to the fundamentals of rule-based investment.
This is what you can expect:

In the workshop, we provide you with a compact overview of all important topics with regards to the rule-based asset management.

We show you how rules in an uncertain environment will help you to make sophisticated decisions and how these techniques are already applied successfully in other fields. You will learn step by step how to build rule-based investment solutions. The concrete application is illustrated on the basis of various case studies ranging from private to institutional investors. The focus is on the protection against major losses in crises.

Banks and asset managers learn how to digitize investment processes and reduce process- and investment costs. In addition, we will explain how the right pricing strategy can be used to develop new, profitable business areas.

The workshop is designed for:
Board of directors
Members of foundation boards
Members of the Executive Committee
CIOs & Portfolio Managers
Digital Officers

Workshop "Rule-based asset management in my company"

For institutional investors who already know the basics of rule-based asset management and want to find out how they can successfully implement future-oriented investment solutions in their company.