Platform Overview

Dufour Capital operates the investment solutions fully automated based on its own IT infrastructure. Our systems and portfolio solutions are constantly being further developed through our practice-oriented research. Banks, asset managers and institutional investors can immediately benefit from the advantages of rule-based investment solutions - without having to build their own infrastructure.

With Dufour Cockpit right in the center: Your access to the Advice Engine:

As a specialist and sourcing provider for rule-based investment solutions, we have spent a lot of time and resources in the development of a "state-of-the-art" advice engine. We offer our customers direct access to it. This gives you a number of advantages:

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We offer a wide range of investment solutions for banks, asset managers and institutional investors.
As a complement or alternative to your existing portfolio.
We would be pleased to advise you personally about suitable offers.

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Good reasons

With rule-based asset management, you are building on clear rules and future-oriented investment solutions.
Systematic investing - transparent and comprehensible
Avoiding emotions and uncertain forecasts
Reduce losses in crises
Explore potential for excess returns
Reduce investment costs
Client grow from attractive investment solutions
Automating and digitizing investment processes
Large banks in the US and Switzerland invest
heavily in the development of rule-based investment solutuions